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PBM is Lighting the Way to Advanced Healing

Gail Siminovsky, CAE
ALD Executive Director

PBM has been a focus of laser education for ALD for decades.  Now in 2018, there’s traction on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC with attention to Photobiomodulation as an answer to the Opioid crisis in America.  In my blog post “Lighting the way to Advanced Healing” March 2018  you can read about the media and political attention aimed at improving healthcare around the globe.  For our friends and members in the Washington DC, a briefing on Thursday, October 11 on alternatives to Opioids is being held. For everyone, ALD Dallas 2019 features PBM discussions, lectures, and workshops. 


A briefing on alternatives to Opioids will be held on Thursday, October 11, from 2:00-3:00 pm, in 2325 RHOB. The House Science, Space, and Technology Committee is the sponsor. As our ALD members know, these alternatives use light therapy to treat the underlying conditions causing pain.  A panel of international experts will explain PBM and its role in eliminating the use of Opioids. “PBM's effectiveness is documented in over 500 clinical trials and 9,000 research papers. It is endorsed for use and insurance reimbursement in Australia, Brazil, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and other European countries”, says Hon. Scot Faulkner, Executive Director of the PBM Foundation. “The PBM Foundation seeks your support for this initiative in Washington on October 11”.  ALD is supporting these laser light initiatives, discussions and publications with our outreach support. 

For more information contact: 
Hon. Scot Faulkner
Executive Director
PBM Foundation 

Here is a video explaining PBM from the United Nations Health Forum

Here is a recent Newsmax Column outlining PBM's importance
Our international friends are embracing discussions with a World Congress in Nice in October.

Read the media alert on Ending Opioid Use here.


Jeanette Miranda, RDH
ALD Communications Chair

Welcome back to Lightwaves! September introduces the official start to Autumn. As the seasons change, please take the time to catch up on what has been happening in the dental laser world. This month’s issue features an update from our executive director, Gail Siminovsky. In the Knowledge Hub, Dr. Don Patthoff introduces his new book, “Dental Ethics”. We have also included a list of new members to the Academy.  Please feel free to reach out to any of our new members to welcome them into the ALD family. If you are in the mood for some “light” reading, our Suggested Reading List is the place for enlightenment. Our Specialty Practice Area article on is tethered oral tissue by Dr. Larry Kotlow. Dr. Keith Brewster is our featured member who is passionate about dental lasers and ALD. 

Let us know if you have any suggestions for Lightwaves. We aim to serve and inform. Please contact us at

Upcoming events and CE opportunities

ALD 2019 Annual Conference - Registration open now!

Unlike other laser symposiums that were founded by a single laser manufacturer, the Academy of Laser Dentistry is providing unbiased CE-accredited hands-on training during ALD 2019 - the event known throughout the world as Dentistry’s Laser Meeting.

  • 10 Workshops utilizing many different lasers
  • Learn how dentistry connects to medicine - The Laser Systemic Connection
  • Laser Certification - independent of any single laser company
  • Over a quarter of a century of light utilization in oral health care
  • Unlike other laser symposiums that are founded by a single laser manufacturer


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ALD AND BAIRD International Conference

ALD and British Academy of Implant and Restorative Dentistry (BAIRD) have partnered to bring together International Conference (iLED) to be held in InterContinental Dubai Festival City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, from Oct. 5–6. The conference will focus on the latest innovations and techniques in implant, laser, aesthetic and digital dentistry.

Early registration provides the greatest value for attending this world-renowned dental conference,” said ALD president Dr. Raminta Mastis. "No matter where in the world you practice dentistry, iLED 2018 is the premier forum to refresh your knowledge base by explaining and demonstrating the latest innovations in dentistry which will in turn help you deliver outstanding patient outcomes in your day-to-day practice.

In keeping with this year’s theme of “Imagination, Innovation and Illumination,” the iLED’s scientific committee has prepared a curriculum of sessions and workshops with international key opinion leaders that will cover four pillars of modern dentistry: implants, lasers, restorative and digital technology. There will also be many opportunities to network with thought leaders, clinical peers and manufacturer representatives from across the globe.

For more information, including early registration, visit

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Tethered Oral Tissues (TOTs)
by Dr. Larry Kotlow

Dr. Lawrence Kotlow answers questions about Tethered Oral Tissues (TOTs) and the Pediatric Laser Symposium in Dallas April 4-6, 2019.

Introduction: Dr. Kotlow, is a board-certified specialist in pediatric dentistry in Albany NY, serving the needs of children from birth through the early teen-aged years since 1974. His practice specializes in using preventive dentistry, infant care, and the use of lasers for releasing tongue and lip-ties in infants and children. Dr. Kotlow is an active ALD member since 2002.

ALD: Dr. Kotlow, what is TOTs, how prevalent is it in infants, and is it being adequately diagnosed and treated by pediatric physicians and dentists?

Dr. Kotlow: TOTs is an acronym for tethered oral tissues. These are the frena that attach the tongue, lips and cheeks to various oral structures. When they interfere with normal body function, growth and development revising or releasing them often will quickly correct symptoms.

Read the full Laser-Focused article here.

The latest articles on trends in laser use and laser technology

Dental Ethics at Chairside Professional - Obligations and Practical Applications (3rd Edition)
by David T. Ozar, David J. Sokol, and Donald E. Patthoff

Today more than ever before, dentists must determine how to maintain their focus on ethics and professionalism in the face of powerful commercial pressures and what dentists familiar with lasers and other technology are calling technocracy (the growing dominance of the promises of technology - a mix of science and marketing - over professional traditions and the experiences of doctor-patient relationships). While there is encouragement for ethical conduct within the dental profession, there is still relatively little assistance available to dentists and dental students for carefully judging what conduct is ethically best in concrete situations. For many years, Dental Ethics at Chairside has served as an invaluable resource for tens of thousands of dentists and dentistry students. This third edition of the gold standard in this field has been thoroughly revised and updated. In addition to issues such as the patient-professional relationship, patients with compromised capacity, confidentiality, justice and the inadequacies of society's health care systems, and dentistry as a business, the third edition addresses the challenges of professional self-formation and emerging ethical issues related to conflicts of interest, advertising and social media, the serious indebtedness of graduating dental students, bad outcomes and bad work, the explosion of aesthetic dentistry, acquiring new skills and new technology, the impact of the market on the professional-patient relationship, and many others. The book includes fourteen realistic cases and commentary about dilemmas in dentistry, as well as online resources for further research and study. This third edition offers dentists, and health care professionals generally an opportunity to think more carefully about the ethical challenges of professional practice and strongly supports ALD’s efforts to maintain its mission of enhancing professionalism as the profession and society deliberate, together, how best to evaluate and employ the promises of lasers and light-based health care. A great read.

ALD members in the news and member benefits

ALD Launches Laser Help Network - Member Benefit (Peer-to-Peer)
By ALD Membership Committee

The Laser Help Network is a group of Academy of Laser Dentistry members who are willing to share tips and techniques that work well in their practice concerning lasers. Our members give generously of their time to others. Each member of the ALD’s Laser Help Network is willing to accept phone calls and emails from other Academy members with clinical and procedural questions.

Our members are part of a special laser dental community known for collegiality and willingness to help others.

Here's how one member used the Laser Help Network:

"I am so grateful for the Laser Help Network", says Dr. Kathleen Divito, Largo, FL, ALD member since 2012. "I had a patient with post-op mental nerve neuropathy. I called Dr. Gerry Ross, from the Laser Help Network, for help with treatment protocols. Not only did he immediately come to the phone, he shared specific PBM protocols with me AND reassured me! He gave me his email address so I could follow-up with him as he was leaving for Australia that day to give a seminar to medical doctors on the same topic! I saw the patient the same day to begin treatment. The patient called back about 90 minutes after her PBM treatment and said the swelling had already gone down. She thinks it's a miracle. The patient was satisfied with the improvement, however, we treated her 3 more times over the next 10 days until the last small area of residual numbness in the labial mucosa (only detected by 2 point discrimination testing) was resolved. An additional benefit was how quickly the surgical site healed!"

"The Laser Help Network is a HUGE member benefit! Where else could you go to get this immediate support and wealth of information from the experts like Dr. Gerry Ross? It is also a HUGE benefit to our patients! Thank you to Dr. Ross and the ALD! The ALD is a unique organization in which so many volunteer their time and generously share their knowledge!"

Dr. Kathy Divito
Largo, FL
Member since 2012

A Warm Welcome to New ALD Members

Stephanie Brown, Texas   Sloane Kaminski-Ditzel, Texas
Daniel Cortez, Texas   Nour Obaideen, Dubai
Audrey Crawford, Oklahoma   Meng (Maggie) Peng, Texas
David Harris, California   Jeremiah Taylor, Florida
Amanda Jones, California   Geethanjali Vipulanandan, Texas


Dr. Keith Brewster, ALD member in Dallas, provides his insight on the importance of dental laser education in Texas and his experiences attending ALD meetings.

Introduction: Dr. Keith Brewster is an ALD director-at-large and serves as the co-chair of the regulatory affairs committee. He holds Standard Proficiency Certification in both Er:YAG and Nd:YAG laser wavelengths and achieved ALD Fellowship honors. Dr. Brewster operates a high-tech laser practice in downtown Dallas. Who better to ask about ALD 2019 and why ALD laser certification is of particular importance to Texas dentists and hygienists?

ALD: ALD 2019 is coming to your hometown. Are you excited?

Dr. Brewster: It's exciting to see dental meetings coming to Dallas. The quality and caliber of upcoming meetings includes the AAID. Regarding the ALD’s Dallas meeting, the need for laser education in Texas is high because Texas has passed laser use regulations and has determined that the recommended CE requirements for both dentists and hygienists are 12 hours, which includes 3 hours of hands-on training.

The curriculum for ALD 2019 has been tailored to help fulfill these needs, which require that the dentist must have equal 12 CEUs or more to be able to provide supervision to properly certified hygienists who use lasers in the practice. ALD 2019 will also have Laser Safety Officer Training to fulfill that requirement. I believe more states will follow the same CE requirement guidelines in the future.

I hope to personally greet and welcome you during ALD 2019, April 4-6, in my hometown, Dallas, Texas. Register Today.

Read the full article here.



Apply for the 2019 Seidner Student Scholarship Program
The application period for the Dr. Eugene M. Seidner Student Scholarship Program is now open!

Apply here for the Seidner Scholarship Program.

Named in the memory of Dr. Seidner, a laser dentistry pioneer who also served as ALD president 1996-1997, three recipients will be honored during the ALD’s 26th Anniversary Conference & Exhibition, April 4-6th at the Hilton Anatole in Dallas, Texas.

The program encourages undergraduate and graduate dental students in the different dental disciplines to deepen their knowledge of laser dentistry. It provides financial assistance that enables successful applicants to present their work at the Academy's annual conference. What’s more, the program allows participation in the educational lectures and workshops aimed at advancing the correct and safe use of lasers in dentistry. In addition, A special award for pediatric dentistry is also available to pediatric dental students.

The Seidner Student Scholarship includes the following:

  • One year of ALD membership, conference registration fees,
  • Standard Proficiency Dental Laser Certification Course application fees,
  • Round trip coach air transportation for the applicant,
  • Up to 5 hotel nights in the host hotel and meals already included in regular conference registration. (Meals not scheduled within the conference program are not included.)

Upon successful presentation, an award in the form of a framed certificate for participation will be presented to all Scholarship recipients. A cash award for first ($500), second ($250) and third ($100) may be presented to the top 3 recipients. Presentations are graded by members of the ALD University and Academia Relations and Student Scholarship committees.

Completed applications and abstracts must be received by ALD by the end October 31st, 2018 for consideration for the 2019 annual conference.

Apply here for the Seidner Scholarship Program.


Soft-Tissue Lasers in Dental Hygiene
Jessica Blayden, Angie Mott
ISBN: 978-0-470-95854-4
240 pages
January 2013, Wiley-Blackwell

The uses and benefits of soft-tissue lasers in dental hygiene practice are myriad. Lasers are used for more effective debridement, scaling and planning, with less pain and bleeding. Hygienists can detect sub- and supra-gingival calculus, remove the bacteria in pockets, and remove granulation, among other treatments.

Soft-tissue Lasers in Dental Hygiene is the first book to explain laser use in periodontal therapy. Authors Jessica Blayden and Angie Mott are registered dental hygienists who have been using laser therapy in their dental hygiene practices for several years, and here they share their experience. Blayden and Mott begin by discussing laser history, physics, components, and safety. They then describe the specifics of periodontal therapy—what lasers can be used for, how to implement them, techniques, and protocols. The authors also present case studies that demonstrate how treatment plans are implemented for varying levels of periodontal disease. The authors conclude with chapters on patient communication and practice management.

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