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Jeanette Miranda, BSDH, RDH

Jeanette Miranda, BSDH, RDH
ALD Communications Chair

As we enter the Holiday season, Lightwaves is filled with illuminating information. We are featuring PBM in this issue. For the Knowledge Hub column, Dr. Jason Pang dispels common myths about PBM. Angie Wallace shares how PBM has impacted the dental hygiene world in the Column of Illumination. Nick Clausen, our laser safety guru, shows us how to correctly report a laser incident. Dr. Jason Pang’s Clinical Tip is a video on PBM.  ALD and Baird recently hosted the International iLED conference in Doha. Dr. Walid Altayeb summarizes the successful iLED conference for the International Relations column. Our president, Dr. Mel Burchman, shares his experiences of last month’s international conference. The Member Spotlight shines on Kristin Pristavec-Hunter, RDH BS. We hope you are making plans to join us in sunny San Diego for the 2020 Annual Conference. Enjoy this issue of Lightwaves and all of the holiday festivities this season!

iLED ALD/Baird Conference in Doha, Qatar

Dr. Mel Burchman

Dr. Mel Burchman
ALD President
Langhorne, Pennsylvania

Hello to All of my ALD Buddies:

I am writing this from my gate at Qatar airport. I am in Qatar for the iLED ALD/Baird Conference and once again my plane has been delayed. I have had no luck with air travel lately. I’m heading to New York for my nephew’s wedding so I am catching a red-eye that is supposed to leave at 1:30 AM but isn’t leaving until 3:00 AM. Wish you all had been here. It has been an absolutely phenomenal experience. The people were warm and friendly. The weather has been perfect and I know that many of you on the east coast have had freezing temperatures and snow the past couple of days. The food is fabulous. One meal was better than the other.

Walid invited a group of us to his home on Wednesday night for an absolute feast. It was like Thanksgiving Qatar style. His wife really went out of the way for us and his family is just wonderful. We all felt so at home. The night even included another birthday cake for Arun Darbar. He is now 129 years old. Need to get home and lose this weight I put on. Hope my suit fits for the wedding!

The conference was held at the Marsa Malaz Kempinski hotel. Any description that I give of this place would not do it justice so I urge you to go online and check it out. I have never seen a hotel like this. For those of you that went to Dubai, it looks like one of the Sheik's palaces. It cost 2 billion dollars to build and is all marble, crystal and gold with over 5 million dollars just in artwork. Also in attendance from the ALD Executive Committee were Dr. Raminta Mastis, Dr. Arun Darbar and Dr. Ed Kusek. The following ALD members were also in attendance and gave a presentation: Dr. Giovanni Olivi, Dr. Manaf Taher Agha, Mountaha Al Hage, Dr. Shigeyuki Nagai, and Dr. Walid Altayed.

The hotel is just the perfect facility to hold a conference. The presentation screen was 30 feet long in ultrahigh definition. The sound system was state of the art and the meeting hall was immaculate. The two-day conference had about 400 people in attendance from 42 countries and was jam-packed with, “an invited speaker’s only program.” We had leaders in lasers, implants and facial esthetic dentistry.

The pre-conference began on Wednesday and Dr. Darbar and I led an all-day PBM Workshop. Dr. Mastis help lead a Basic Level Course that had 26 candidates. On Thursday and Friday, 8 people completed the last section and examination for their ALD International Fellowship and I am happy to report that they all passed. We also tested two Advanced Proficiency candidates and they too passed. So graduation had 8 Fellowship candidates from Qatar, 4 Fellowship candidates from Algeria from July, one Advanced Proficiency candidate from Dubai and the two candidates that we just examined here in Qatar. It was quite impressive.

It is amazing to feel the enthusiasm and excitement that was running through all of the people at the conference. It is incredible how there is just such a thirst for continued education in the Middle East. Many of the people in attendance have masters and PHD’s beside their dental degrees. It’s like electricity that you feel permeating the room. I wish we had more of this in the U.S.

The opening morning we had the privilege of having several Qatar government officials at the conference, including Sheikh Dr. Mohammed Bin Hamad1 Al-Than, who is the Minister of Health and Dr. Asmaa Othman Alkhtib, who is the Director of Dentistry for the Primary Health Care Corporation.

It is truly amazing that Walid, Hassan, and Bashar were able to put together two extraordinary conferences exactly one year apart. In my opening remarks, I asked if they ever get to see their families with all of the projects they tackle. They have already begun planning for next year’s conference which will be held in Algeria next October. So for those of you who have not attended Dubai or Qatar, I urge you to consider attending Algeria.

Well, time for me to board. I hope I sleep well on the plane as Laurence’s wedding is tomorrow.



Jason Pang, BDS

Jason Pang, BDS
Private Practice
Sydney, Australia

While lasers and LEDs are commonplace, photobiomodulation is not a term commonly heard outside of laser using health professionals. Despite the extensive use by veterinarians, chiropractors, and physiotherapists, most dentists still think that it is quackery. And even amongst knowledgeable practitioners and researchers there still exists misinformation or inaccurate terminology. 

I hope that this brief article will help our profession to speak using precise terminology and lead to wider acceptance and use of this effective and important therapy.

Light therapy is a recent discovery - FALSE

  • Niels Ryberg Finsen was awarded a Nobel Prize in 1903 for his phototherapy work using sunlight1
  • Endre Mester’s work showing healing with lasers in 1967 kickstarted modern research2,3
  • Light therapy has been known by many terms including low-level laser (or light) therapy (LLLT), low-intensity laser therapy, low-power laser therapy, cold laser, soft laser, photobiostimulation, and photobiomodulation4 

Photobiomodulation is just a heat treatment - FALSE

  • Photobiomodulation (PBM) became a medical subject heading by the National Library of Medicine in 2016 which distinguishes it from therapies relying on thermal effects4
  • PBM is non-ablative, non-thermal process causing photophysical and photochemical events at various biological scales4
  • Lower power is used for stimulation, healing, and reduction of inflammation while higher power and higher frequencies are used for neural blockade5–7

Photobiomodulation is a pseudoscience - FALSE

  • Nearly 700 Randomized Control Trials, some 4000 studies at a rate of some 30 studies per month are being published on PBM
  • The absorption of light by Cytochrome c oxidase and other targets releases mitochondrial nitric oxide, reactive oxygen species and increases ATP production. This causes a cascade of growth factors, increasing cell signaling, gene transcription and cell metabolism9,10
  • Oral mucositis, a side effect of stem cells transplants, radiotherapy with or without chemotherapy, is recommended internationally to be treated using World Association for PhotobiomoduLation Therapy (WALT) guidelines11,12
  • PBM is being able to treat dental and non-dental conditions across the whole body13,14

PBM has to be done by lasers because the light is coherent - FALSE

  • All non-ionizing light sources, including lasers, LEDs, and broadband light can used for PBM4
  • LED therapy, LED light therapy, laser PBMT, and LED PBMT are all PBM15
  • The terms ‘low’ and ‘high’ level are inaccurate and should be avoided15 

Stronger light leads to better results – TRUE & FALSE

  • Light needs to be of sufficient strength to penetrate overlying tissues to reach the deeper tissues at the fluence required to have an effect20
  • Penetration depths will vary by wavelength. Lasers and LEDs can penetrate 5cm into tissues with sufficient beam power and irradiance.13,19
  • Due to the ‘Biphasic Response’, too little or too much light results in minimal or inhibition of healing16–18
  • Over-dosing is more likely to result in cells with high mitochondrial activity21

Larger spot size is better – TRUE

  • Large LED handpieces and large homogenous profile laser beams mean that affected areas can be treated more quickly
  • Deeper structures will receive a more uniform amount of energy due to less relative scatter of the light
  • Improved reporting of the parameters used for PBM will enable better comparisons of wavelength, energy and energy density as well as application technique amongst other parameters.22

Governments and insurance companies are supporting Photobiomodulation - TRUE

  • PBM devices have been cleared for marketing by FDA as adjunctive devices for the temporary relief of pain23
  • ALD was able to assist in presenting a brief to US Congress. They now support PBM as a method for alleviating pain, reducing the need for opioids and stimulating healing (
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield, Regence, Capital Blue now reimbursing for PBM oral mucositis treatment when medically necessary (search “low-level laser” at
  • Australia has a dental reimbursement code (945) for photobiomodulation

With the large numbers of papers being published, how well the therapy performs being more clearly defined, the range of conditions found to be improved by PBM, the safety of PBM well established, greater support by government bodies and insurance companies, the hope is that PBM will be within the consciousness of the medical mainstream and be accepted as a non-invasive, non-surgical and effective means of helping patients treat a plethora of conditions.


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Kristin Ann Pristavec-Hunter

Kristin Ann Pristavec-Hunter, RDH, BS
Private Practice
Sparks, Nevada

In this Member Spotlight, we get to know Kristin Pristavec-Hunter and how she got started using lasers as a dental hygienist. Not mentioned in this interview is the volunteer work she does in her community to promote whole-body health and dentistry, she has also served on mission trips to Mexico with the Flying Doctors Organization. Kristin also contributes to Lightwaves and produces the questions for the Quick Polls column!

When did you begin using dental lasers in your practice?
I was introduced to the laser my very first day working as a dental hygienist over 10 years ago. Right out of hygiene school I was hired at an office in a little mountain town in California. It was exciting to have another tool to help treat periodontitis and provide my patients with better care.  

How has the use of dental lasers changed the way you practice dental hygiene?
I have always used the laser in my practice as a dental hygienist. There was a short time I worked in a practice that did not have a laser and was resistant to its implementation, I didn’t feel like I was giving my patients the best possible care. I am now in a practice that has four different wavelengths and I couldn’t be happier.

How have your patients responded to the use of dental lasers for their procedures?
Very accepting! I am big on educating my patients on the oral/systemic connection. I talk about the laser's effect on biofilm and its healing benefits. If the patient has any systemic disease I relate everything back to their specific health issue and how laser-assisted hygiene is beneficial to more than just their mouth. 

How did you become involved with the Academy of Laser Dentistry?
I volunteer with my local ADHA component. One aspect of that was organizing continuing education events for our members. I was referred to an ALD instructor, Angie Wallace. I organized an event where she taught Standard Level Certification course. After teaching the course she encouraged me to attend the next conference and pursue my advanced certification. There I got to know some of the other members who were all so welcoming.

Which benefits from your ALD membership do you most utilize?  
The entire resources tab on the website! I find myself reading The Journal of Laser Dentistry most often.



ALD Lasers 101 Full-Day Course - A Beginner's Guide to Lasers in Dentistry at the
2020 ALD Annual Conference in San Diego, CA - April 2-4, 2020

Immerse yourself in this full-day course where you'll begin building a foundation of knowledge around laser use in dentistry. Everything from clinical applications to return on investment will be covered in this 3-part workshop. This is the workshop you need to transform your career and practice.

After participating in this course, you'll be able to:

  • Identify cases where lasers can enhance clinical outcomes.
  • Recognize basic principles of both surgical and therapeutic lasers.
  • Locate clinically relevant scientific evidence and integrate into daily practice.
  • Reflect on clinical management of presented cases and benefits of laser treatment.
  • Get the most return on your laser investment.

View the complete course description here.

You have the option to register for this full-day course only OR register for the full conference and it's included. Either way, you'll have access to the exhibit hall where you can shop, touch and try lasers. Enjoy a complimentary lunch with the opportunity to connect with new and experienced laser users.

Register by December 31, 2019 for the best savings! 

Register Now


Webinar with Dr. Mel Burchman

ALD is partnering with Virtual Dental Expo to bring you a free webinar presented by Dr. Mel Burchman on the Benefits of Using Dental Lasers to Safely Treat the Medically Compromised Patient.

During this webinar, Dr. Burchman will demonstrate laser techniques that can be incorporated in your practice. You will learn the technique for preventing and decreasing the symptoms of Oral Mucositis and how to use lasers to treat emergency patients that are currently undergoing chemo/radiation therapy. You will learn the pre- and post-op regime for extractions and root canals. He will show you how to treat patients with many varied medical conditions. Some of the conditions these patients had were: Cancer, Secondary Myleodplastic Anemia and other Blood Disorders, Pulmonary Embolisms, Heart Surgery, Severe Lymphedema, Cicatricial Pemphigoid, Parkinson's Disease, Stroke, and Neuro-disorders. Unfortunately, many of these patients had multiple diseases and conditions. These techniques decrease patient post-op pain and allow for better and faster healing with far fewer post-op complications. Please participate in this webinar to make our lives and our patient's lives better!! Get more details here.

DATE: January 29, 2020
TIME: 8:00 pm Eastern Time

CEU: Live Interactive Webinar
SPEAKER: Dr. Mel Burchman, DDS, MALD
SPONSOR: Academy of Laser Dentistry
HOST: Virtual Dental Expo

Register Now

Find more CE opportunities near you on the ALD CE Calendar


Greetings to My ALD Family

Dr. Mel Burchman, ALD President

2019 has been a wonderful year for the ALD and hope it has been as wonderful for all of our members. Many times I think back and remember my first ALD Conference in 1998. I really didn’t know what to expect, but what I found was a truly wonderful, friendly and sharing group of people that would go out of their way to teach someone anything they could about laser dentistry. This was the MOST FRIENDLY group of people I had ever met at a dental conference. I really mean that!

So over twenty-something years of membership and conferences I have traveled to many places, shared many exciting experiences and made so many wonderful friends. I know that I would do anything to help one of our members. You truly are my ALD Family. To all of my family; Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah and an early blessed Ramadan. May your holidays be filled with happiness and the warmth that can only come from being with your family. Savor every one of the hugs, kisses, and smiles that fill your heart with love this holiday season. 

We are also approaching the end of 2019. Another year has past and we are all another year older. That’s exciting as we watch our children and grandchildren grow older. I love the pictures that all of our members post on Facebook with their families. Sharing your family pictures and seeing your smiles really warms me up and makes me smile also. It brightens my day. To many of us, it also means more gray hair. More body parts that are aching and I don’t care who tells you this, but 60 is not the new 40 and for sure 70 isn’t the new 50! So, my wish for all of you is for: 

  • Your Best Holiday Season Ever.
  • The best year ever for your families.
  • A Happy and Healthy New Year jam-packed with wonderful new experiences.
  • Having the best conference ever in San Diego and seeing you all there.
  • Making more ALD friends and family as we continue to teach the world about the benefits of Laser Dentistry.

May God Bless Us All.
Love - Mel



ALD members will receive 25% off any order of the very popular Patient Education Brochures, until the end of the year. Educate your patients about lasers with these informative tri-fold brochures. Your patients will learn facts about laser use, the advantages of laser treatment, how gum disease is treated with lasers and lasers vs. a dental drill. 

In order to receive the discount, log into your ALD account. Under Resources, select Patient Brochures. Once you have downloaded and completed the form, you may email it to or fax it to 954.757.2598. You may also call the ALD office to place your order at 954.346.3776.


Practice Tips for Dental Hygienists

Angie Wallace, RDH

Angie Wallace, RDH
Private Practice
Tulas, Oklahoma

Laser Dentistry has had so many changes over the past 10 years and I would have to say that the recognition of Photobiomodulation (PBM) was the biggest breakthrough over the years.

Years ago, Low-Level Laser Therapy, which is now PBM, was known as hocus pocus dentistry. No one really understood how light could cause so much wound healing and pain management. There are so many notable clinicians who have dedicated their lives to the study of PBM and there are numerous articles that have been published showing the laser dental world the benefits of laser use.

In laser dentistry, each state has its State Practice Act that determines how PBM can be used in the field of dental hygiene. The known factors that PBM can be used for pain, swelling, bruising, inflammation, reducing the need for postoperative analgesics and healing is accelerated due to the stimulation of fibroblasts. Areas specific to dental hygiene would be TMJ, herpetic lesions, aphthous ulcers as well as many other applications.

We know that PBM is safe and has no clinical side effects, Photobiomodulation restores ATP levels in the mitochondria to normal levels, of course, this is always beneficial since we know that the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cells. This helps because, instead of using drugs to treat pain, light energy can be used. The best part for dental offices is that it is untapped and underutilized in the dental industry.

Clinicians often express their interest in using PBM and wonder what settings should be used. Here are a few guidelines that may be helpful. The laser should be used in non-contact mode, with a non-initiated tip or diffusing wand, the settings should be used at 1.2 W pulsed mode for 30 seconds for a dose of 6 J/cm2. During this time, keep the laser tip or wand moving and de-focus if the patient experiences too much warmth. And of course, always practice laser safety when using any laser.

The number one question asked is always “Where can we get additional training?” or “Do we need a refresher course?” The main part is easy, always consider the Academy of Laser Dentistry as a source of information to get training and certification so you can understand how and why your laser works as it does. Remember there is no such thing as too much training, so any additional courses that you can take to keep yourself updated will always be the best thing for you so that you will always have the best techniques and methods to treat your patients with the best care possible.


International Conference of Aesthetic Dentistry, Laser and Dental Implants

Walid Altayeb, DDS, MDS, PhD

Walid Altayeb, DDS, MDS, PhD
General Secretary of iLED conference
Chair of ALD International Relations Committee

The Academy of Laser Dentistry (ALD) and the British Academy of Implant and Restorative Dentistry (BAIRD) have organized the International Aesthetic Dental, Laser and Dental Implants - iLED 2019 conference and exhibition in Qatar from 13-17 of November 2019 at the Marsa Malaz Kempinski Hotel, The Pearl, Qatar. 

Organized for the first time in Qatar, under the patronage of HE Sheikh Dr. Mohammed Bin Hamad Bin J. Al-Thani, Director of Public Health, ILED conference was a unique international platform to provide networking, discussions and exchange of views among experts, scientists, practitioners, researchers and colleagues in the dental profession, as well as representatives of relevant institutions, bodies and companies participating in the exhibition that will be held alongside the conference. 

Selected speakers will discuss four main topics: Dental Implants, Laser, Cosmetic, and Digital Dentistry. More than 22 speakers shared their knowledge and more than 450 attendees in the dental sector from all over the world. 

Dr. Walid Al-Tayeb, Secretary-General of iLED2019, said, "The aim of the conference was to highlight the latest techniques, practices, and technologies of laser dental treatment and cosmetology, and to share hands-on experiences with local experts and doctors involved in the developments of the dental sector." 

We are certainly pleased to organize ILED Conference in Qatar as I firmly believe that we will also learn a lot from the local experts, professors, and practitioners successfully working in the dental sector in Qatar,” he added

The scientific committee works diligently to prepare excellent scientific sessions with an outstanding group of high profile speakers that will cover four aspects, Implant, Laser, Esthetic, and Digital dentistry.

Pre and post conferences workshops were organized:

  • Basic Competency Course in Laser Dentistry  Mountaha Al Hage (Algeria) & Walid Altayeb (Algeria)
  • Dental Veneers, Foundation of Dental Aesthetics Thamer Theeb (Jordan)
  • Photobiomodulation in Dentistry: “The light Fantastic!”  Arun Darbar (UK) & Mel Burchman (USA)
  • Dental Photography Thamar Theeb (Jordan)
  • Operative Microscope: minimally invasive dentistry for clinical excellence  Cristian Coraini & Giovani Olivi (Italy)

Certification programs of ALD also were taking place alongside the iLED conference. Three dentists have applied their Clinical Case Presentation of Advanced Proficiency and passed successfully, Dr. Wjdan Mohammad (Jordan), Abdelnaser Kerdas (Syria), and Iman Kusumadrja (Indonesia).

The international committee of ALD celebrated the graduation of 8 dentists from Qatar batch of International Fellowship of Academy of Laser Dentistry. The ALD president and the speakers of this program awarded the graduates with the Fellowship certificate. 

At the end of the conference, the International Committee of ALD announced the acceptance of Affiliated Algeria Laser Study Club request to host iLED 2020. It will take place from 15-17 October 2020 in Algiers, Algeria in collaboration with Infinity Study Club and under the leadership of Dr. Mountaha Al Hage, Chair of Algeria Laser Study Club.

ILED2019 is supported by Qatar National Tourism Council, Qatar Airways, Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry. 

For more information, please visit


Javeria Ahmad, Oklahoma City, OK
Sarah Andrews, Wichita, KS
Brittany Ashenfelter, Indianapolis, IN
Wesley Barton, Brookline, MA
Brody Beck, San Tan Valley, AZ
Carri Berberich, Bellvue, WA
Alysha Bhanji, Houston, TX
Sheree Birkenmeyer, Wildwood, MO
Emily Blyth, Bentonville, AR
Laura Bowden, Leawood, KS
Todd Brueckner, Springfield, MO
Samantha Bub, Maryville, IL
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The Many Applications of PBM Therapy

Dr. Jason Pang produced a video especially for ALD Lightwaves. He invites us into his practice to show the many uses of lasers and LEDs for photobiomodulation therapy to help patients heal, alleviate their chronic pain and reduce the need for medications.

Click the image below to start watching!

Please note that ALD does not endorse the equipment that Dr. Pang uses in his practice and that are mentioned in the video.

Laser Reporting

Nick Clausen

Nick Clausen
Las Vegas, NV

This document is written in accordance with current American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Z136.1–2014 (Safe Use of Lasers) and ANSI Z136.3 – 2018 (Safe Use of Lasers in Health Care), as well as U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations and supportive documents provided by the Academy of Laser Dentistry (ALD).  The scope of this article provides a general overview of laser reporting responsibilities of the laser safety officer. We have standards established and should keep records of the lasers used in our practice and be responsible for reporting of any laser-related “event” that has occurred. 

For Foundation & Clarification on Agencies, Here is a Laser Safety History (in USA)

CDRH - 1938 Enacted & 1948 Radiological Health Added

  • Regulates Devices, Grants Pre-Market Approvals (PMAs) & 510-Ks

ANSI - Founded 1918.

  • Develops general & clinical standards for safe use
  • 1968 - Approved "Safe Use of Lasers Standards Project"
  • 1973 - Z136 standards were developed. Note: Laser Institute of America (LIA) is secretariat and publisher of ANSI standards

OSHA - Created "Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970"

  • Regulates the work environment for safety of employees to assure safe and healthful working conditions for working men and women by setting and enforcing standards and by providing training, outreach, education and assistance. Part of Department of Labor

Laser Safety Control Measures & Event Reporting

The Laser Safety Officer (LSO) has many responsibilities (protective eyewear, signage,….). Included in that list of responsibilities are:

  • Supervises medical surveillance and incident reporting
  • Keeps a log of recorded laser use and parameters employed

The log responsibilities of the LSO are defined in general terms and should include, but are not limited to, defining specific policies, noting laser settings utilized for each procedure, and recording training and laser maintenance.


These examples include forms with fictitious information for demonstrative purposes only. Blank template forms can be viewed obtained from Academy of Laser Dentistry Laser Safety Committee. DIY guide. Do it yourself laser safety manual. Coral Springs, Fla.: Academy of Laser Dentistry, 2017.


Incident reporting is also defined generally. So for clarification, here are some more definitions:

Reportable Event

Laser Device may have caused or contributed to death or serious injury. The device malfunction may cause death or serious injury if the malfunction were to recur.

Mandatory Reporting

Manufacturer: report adverse events and device malfunctions to FDA.
Importer: report event to FDA, report malfunction to manufacturer.
Device User Facility (e.g., Hospital. Surgical Facility, but not physician or dentist office): report death to FDA and manufacturer, report serious injury to manufacturer or FDA

Voluntary Reporting

Device User Facility: voluntarily advise FDA of malfunctions. This can be Dentist Office, Healthcare Professionals, and Patients. Voluntarily submit reports of serious adverse events or product problems to FDA and the incident report must include:

  • Date of incident
  • Time of incident
  • Location of incident
  • Identification of laser involved – wavelength(s) and power
  • Description of laser incident and action taken


This completed form example includes fictitious information for demonstrative purposes only. Blank template forms can be viewed obtained from Academy of Laser Dentistry Laser Safety Committee. DIY guide. Do it yourself laser safety manual. Coral Springs, Fla.: Academy of Laser Dentistry, 2017.



It is paramount the entire dental team understands and is properly trained on lLaser reporting responsibilities. If an incident does happen the entire team must follow appropriate safety policies and procedures, and the LSO must champion the effort to adequately ensure the appropriate safety policies, procedures, and reporting mechanisms are in place so they can properly manage the incident.


ANSI Z136.3-20181 American National Standard for Safe Use of Lasers in Health Care. Orlando, Fla.: Laser Institute of America, 20181.

U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Medical Devices. Medical Device Reporting (MDR) per 21 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 803.3 For more detailed information on reporting, please refer to

Laser Safety in the Dental Office, Academy of Laser Dentistry Blog

Academy of Laser Dentistry Laser Safety Committee. DIY guide. Do it yourself laser safety manual. Coral Springs, Fla.: Academy of Laser Dentistry, 2017.

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