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Jeanette Miranda, RDH
ALD Communications Chair

Happy Summer!! The long summer days and warm temperatures are the perfect opportunity to pursue your favorite hobby or sit on the porch with your favorite adult beverage. We hope you take time to enjoy the new Lightwaves format and monthly frequency. This issue is packed with the latest ALD information. Make sure to check out Dr. Sam Low’s article in the Knowledge Hub. Help us celebrate our newest Advanced Proficiency recipients and read one hygienist’s first impression of ALD Annual Conference. We are also featuring the 2018 Seidner Student Scholars. If you are looking for a Canadian adventure, Dr. Marina Polonsky is presenting two laser courses at the CDA Convention on Prince Edward Island, Canada. And don’t forget to catch a video of our 25 Anniversary Conference in Orlando. Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions for Lightwaves - we would love to hear from you! ENJOY!!

Also, if you would like to contribute an article or want to be featured as a Member Spotlight, get in touch by sending an email to

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Let’s say you have been thinking about a dental laser. 

ALD Laser Buyers Guide

You have seen the buyers’ guides, read some articles in the dental publications, maybe attended a laser lecture or two at a dental convention. What you have learned so far has intrigued you, and you are beginning to get serious about acquiring a laser device for your office.

Want to learn more? Here are some guidelines to help you. Here's more information to ensure your decision is adequately informed and the right one for your patients and practice.

The latest articles on trends in laser use and laser technology

Peri-implantitis: Traditional Versus Laser Treatment
by Samuel Low, DDS, MS, MEd

The dental implant market is experiencing steady growth, with millions of implants being placed each year by dentists in the United States. Unfortunately, peri-implantitis can occur in about one out of 10 implant procedures.

Clearly, it is incumbent upon practitioners to find the safest and most effective methods for managing infected subgingival implant surfaces. Dental lasers offer a minimally invasive therapy that results in less pain and provides an easier recovery.

Lasers eliminate hemorrhaging by sealing or welding blood vessels, increasing visibility and substantially improving the speed and accuracy of the procedure. Laser therapy also encourages wound healing by stimulating mitochondria in cells to produce energy (ATP), allowing the wound to heal more efficiently.

This is a particularly effective alternative to traditional treatments for peri-implantitis. Traditional mechanical debridement for mild to moderate cases is an invasive procedure, and it can be ineffective at removing biofilm inside the threads of the implants due to access. It may also cause significant damage to implant surfaces, leaving them more susceptible to biofilm accumulation and decreasing opportunities for osteo-integration. Despite the oral hygiene prescribed to reduce the chance of infection, the scratched implant surface can become a haven for bacterial growth.

With more advanced cases of peri-implantitis, bone loss and implant failure traditionally require an invasive removal procedure and bone grafting before replacement of the implant. As with any invasive therapy, the patient is subjected to significant pain and a healing period that can take several months, which undermines patient confidence in both the procedure and the provider.

The advantages of laser treatment are clear. Lasers: 

  • Decontaminate the threads of an implant
  • Detoxify bacterial growth on the implant’s surface
  • Avoid opening flap tissue in mild to moderate cases
  • Do not damage implant surfaces
  • Non-invasively remove the diseased granulation tissue surrounding a failing implant. 

As the number of patients requiring implants continues to increase, providers should consider the adoption of the innovative technologies that offer the safest, most effective, and least invasive treatment options to peri-implantitis. 

Dr. Low is the chief dental officer of Biolase Inc. He also serves as Professor Emeritus at the University of Florida College of Dentistry and as an associate faculty member of the Pankey Institute, with 30 years of private practice experience in periodontics, lasers, and implant placement. He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology and past president of the American Academy of Periodontology as well. He received his DDS and MS degrees from the University of Texas at Houston. He also completed his residency in periodontics at the University of Texas at Houston and received a master of education degree from the University of Florida. He can be reached at

This article was originally published on

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ALD Members in the News

2018 Advanced Proficiency Certification Recipients

The Academy of Laser Dentistry is proud to announce that four members have successfully achieved the ALD’s Advanced Proficiency in Dental Laser Certification in 2018. 

  • Blake Cameron DDS, pediatric dentist in Logan, Utah, ALD member since 2014
  • Joy Raskie, RDH, hygienist in Littleton, Colorado, ALD member since 2015
  • Nick Clausen, industry consultant in Las Vegas, Nevada, ALD member since 2012
  • Marina Polonsky, DDS, general dentist in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, ALD members since 2015

In order to achieve this comprehensive certification, all successfully completed the rigorous educational program that spans 3-5 years of study and hands-on work to demonstrate advanced proficiency in dental laser knowledge. 

Successful completion of the certification program formally demonstrates advanced knowledge and clinical proficiency in laser dentistry. The certification program administered by the Academy is a structured educational mechanism for dental practitioners and industry partners wishing to achieve the highest high standards of dental laser care. 

To date, an elite group of approximately 200 dental practitioners has achieved advanced certification since the program was initiated in 1992. 

The advanced proficiency certification program is administered during the Academy of Laser Dentistry’s Annual Conference in the United States and the ALD Gulf Region affiliated chapter. 

The ALD 26th Annual Conference is scheduled for April 4-6, 2019 in Dallas, Texas. The ALD and Baird International Conference is October 5-6, 2018 in Dubai. For more information about certification or the conference, contact the Academy of Laser Dentistry, telephone (954) 346-3776. Visit

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2018 Seidner Student Scholars

During the ALD 25th Anniversary Conference, ALD awarded three students with the Dr. Eugene Seidner Student Scholarship awards: Rodrigo C. Mosca, DDS, MSc; Sophannary Kong, DDS; and James Ritter, BA. The program continues to grow and flourish as academicians begin to champion laser education. Apply through October 31, 2018. 

The program continues to grow and flourish as academicians begin to champion laser education. Back in 2012, the Academy reached its $100,000 endowment goal. The Scholarship program is a cornerstone of ALD's endeavors to help the profession learn about the safe and effective uses of dental laser technology for patient care. Since inception, 25 students from all over the world have been honored.

In 2004, ALD introduced the Dr. Eugene M. Seidner Scholarship Program. The scholarship program is named to honor the memory of Dr. Eugene M. Seidner, ALD's President 1996-97. Dr. Seidner is most aptly described as a pioneer; both as a clinician for his early use of lasers in his dental practice as well as his contribution to the formation of the Academy of Laser Dentistry. Known as a "giver", Dr. Seidner conveyed his broad vision to all who knew him in a manner that was uniquely warm and generous. The Academy is proud to honor his memory through this student scholarship.

You can find more information about each ALD Scholar and make a charitable contribution to help support the Seidner programs here

Apply for the Seidner Student Scholarship through October 31, 2018.


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Illuminations from a First-Time Conference Attendee

First Experience at the ALD Annual Conference
by Lynn Atkinson, RDH

As I completed the registration form for the 2018 Academy of Laser Dentistry Conference in Orlando, Florida, I was unsure of what to expect. I was excited to attend my first ALD Conference, but at the same time, I was apprehensive of how I would transition into this highly-educated and experienced group of professionals.

At the conference, I was introduced to so many notable laser dentistry experts. Each individual welcomed me with enthusiasm and offered their invaluable time for guidance. I settled in and started to map out my next few days, attempting to absorb as much information as possible in a short period of time. There was a large range of courses to take, and every course that I participated in was informative and enlightening. There was something for everyone, including lectures and hands-on courses. The conference information packet was incredibly thorough, providing a comprehensive guide to the wide range of classes offered.

Photobiomodulation was a highlight of the conference, and it was so exciting to expand my knowledge on this revolutionary innovation. It was also impressive to see the different periodontal procedures used with a wide variety of different lasers. Terminology, procedures, verbiage, and clinical skills were all made available. My twenty-nine years of experience as a dental hygienist and twenty-two years of using lasers felt so minuscule in comparison to all of the expertise and knowledge that I was exposed to. I am now more prepared for the journey to my Advanced Proficiency Certification.

I left the ALD conference inspired with new goals and a circle of professionals that I can now call my friends and mentors. I am beyond grateful to the passionate professionals that facilitated this well-oiled machine.

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Upcoming events and CE opportunities

CDLI Laser Courses at the CDA Convention
by Dr. Marina Polonsky

The Canadian Dental Laser Institute (CDLI) is presenting laser education at the CDA Convention from August 22-25, 2018. ALD member, Dr. MarinaPolonsky, is presenting two sessions on laser use during the convention. The convention will be held in Charlottetown, Canada on Prince Edward Island. While you are there, you can take in the beautiful sites of Prince Edward Island.

Dr. Marina Polonsky holds ALD Fellowship and recently earned ALD Advanced Proficiency with ALD (Academy of Laser Dentistry). She is a founder of the Canadian Dental Laser Institute (CDLI), the only ALD affiliated international study club in Canada.


ALD AND BAIRD International Conference

ALD and British Academy of Implant and Restorative Dentistry (BAIRD) have partnered to bring together International Conference (iLED) to be held in InterContinental Dubai Festival City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, from October 5–6, 2018. The conference will focus on the latest innovations and techniques in implant, laser, aesthetic and digital dentistry. Read more...

Early registration provides the greatest value for attending this world-renowned dental conference,” said ALD president Dr. Raminta Mastis. "No matter where in the world you practice dentistry, iLED 2018 is the premier forum to refresh your knowledge base by explaining and demonstrating the latest innovations in dentistry which will, in turn, help you deliver outstanding patient outcomes in your day-to-day practice.

In keeping with this year’s theme of “Imagination, Innovation and Illumination,” the iLED’s scientific committee has prepared a curriculum of sessions and workshops with international key opinion leaders that will cover four pillars of modern dentistry: implants, lasers, restorative and digital technology. There will also be many opportunities to network with thought leaders, clinical peers and manufacturer representatives from across the globe.

For more information, including registration, visit


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