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Jeanette Miranda, BSDH, RDH
ALD Communications Chair

This is the time of year to reflect and be thankful. I am personally thankful for several ALD members who have stepped forward to assist in our Lightwaves publication. Dr Laura Braswell is spearheading our Literature Review column. The Laser Safety column will now be written by Nick Clausen, ALD’s first Laser Safety Advance Proficiency recipient and Kristin Pristavec-Hunter has agreed to facilitate the Column of Illumination and the Poll Question. I am forever grateful to Gail Siminovsky and Fern Carbonell for their dedication and expertise to Lightwaves.

In this issue, Dr. Kara Kramer discusses the AAP and dental lasers.  The ALD 2019 Annual Conference in Dallas is introduced by Scientific Chair, Dr. Gerry Ross.  Check out our Poll Question and Laser Safety Tip and the call for Posters and Speakers Bureau Applications. Please enjoy this month’s information and if you or anyone you know is interested in contributing, please contact us at


Dr. Gerald Ross Dr. Gerald Ross
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
2019 General and Scientific Sessions Chair


Register today for Dallas April 4-6, 2018

Here's Why:

ALD’s 2019 meeting has an outstanding series of keynote speakers and several different tracks of lectures, plus a series of ten (10) hands-on workshops. “Attendees want hands-on time in both advanced and beginner laser procedures. In Dallas we provide an array of possibilities,” shares Mel Burchman, DDS, ALD 2019 Dallas Chairman. The General and Scientific Sessions Committee has taken Mel’s lead to create a CE schedule that includes hands-on topics in many areas of everyday dentistry.

On Thursday we will lead off with cardiologist Dr. Chip Whitney who will speak on the oral-systemic connection, followed by a series of lectures expanding on this theme. There is a hygiene track, a diode track, an Erbium series, a cone beam lecture, and Dr. Ed Kusek will lead a 3-hour workshop on treating Peri-Implantitis.

On Friday the theme of our keynotes is Photobiomodulation. Our first speaker, Dr. Andrew Mester, is the son of Andre Mester, founder of Low-Level Laser treatment. This enthralling talk will discuss the trials and tribulations his father endured to bring this new technology to medicine in communist-controlled Hungary in the 1960s. This will be followed by Dr. Lew Lim who will discuss his research which has the potential to address some of the greatest problems facing medicine today. Dr. Lim will show PBM units which irradiate the brain in managing Alzheimer’s disease as well all other degenerative brain diseases. Finally, Dr. Jeri-Ann Lyons one of the leaders in PBM research will provide the science behind PBM. The PBM track includes lectures sharing PBM clinical applications. There will also be a marketing track and a pedodontic-restorative track using the CO2 all-tissue laser. We will finish the day with the Dr. Eugene Seidner student scholars where some of our most outstanding young researchers present their research.

On Saturday we will present a series of workshops: beginner and advanced diodes, beginner and advanced hygiene applications, advanced perio treatment, a PBM workshop, and the laser safety training workshop. There is a social program with lots of time to mingle and an exhibit area where you will see many products that you can incorporate into your practice.

As Scientific Chair, I look forward to having you join me in Dallas!


Kara Kramer, DMD

Kara Kramer, DMD
Buckhead Periodontics
Atlanta, GA

Dentistry is constantly changing, and new technology is often met with apprehension. At this year’s American Academy of Periodontology Annual Meeting, there was a palpable shift on laser therapy in periodontology. Nearly one-fifth of the Corporate Forums were focused on laser therapy with "heavy-hitter" periodontist researchers and clinicians like Dr. Hom-Lay Wang, Dr. Gary Schwartz, and Dr. Preety Desai. The emphasis of lectures was on minimally invasive surgical treatment of periodontitis and peri-implantitis with the laser as an adjunct to conventional therapy. During the scientific program, some of the authors of the recent AAP best evidence consensus statement on the efficacy of laser therapy reviewed findings of their systematic review of the literature and indicated that the evidence to support broad conclusions is insufficient due to a lack of long-term outcomes in published data. However, they acknowledged that we have positive clinical benefits and experiences with laser treatment and positive long-term studies are forthcoming. Other clinicians and researchers presented results from laser-based case studies that showed favorable clinical outcomes in wound healing and tissue regeneration. The acceptance of new laser-assisted treatment modalities may be slow, but one thing is for certain, lasers are gaining popularity among periodontists.


Dr. Mountaha Al-Hage Dr. Mountaha Al-Hage
Chair, ALD Affiliated Study Club - Algeri

Dr. Mountaha Al-Hage is the chair of the ALD Affiliated Study Club of Algeria. The Study Club is planning several educational programs for ALD International Fellowship 2019.  Dr. Mountaha set aside a few moments from her busy schedule to share why lasers are such an important part of her dental practice and the future of the Study Club.

ALD: When did you begin using dental lasers in your practice?

Dr. Al-Hage: I have been using dental lasers since 2012

ALD: How has the use of dental lasers changed the way you practice dentistry?

Dr. Al-Hage: Looking for perfection and obtaining it became easier to achieve. Using dental lasers in my daily practice helped me and my patients by making most of the procedures less painful or pain-free, simpler, with almost no complications, a quicker healing, better results, more comfort.

ALD: How did you become involved with the ALD?

Dr. Al-Hage: Through the international representative of the ALD, Dr. Walid Altayeb

ALD: Please share with us information about Algerian Study Club

Dr. Al-Hage: The Algerian Study Club organized its first event in Algeria on April 2018, where Dr. Walid Altayeb and I covered lectures and workshops. We are present in almost all the biggest dental events in Algeria. I also introduce the ALD during my lectures. The international fellowship will begin this December 2018 in Algeria.

ALD: How has the study club aided laser users in Algeria?

Dr. Al-Hage: Dentists in Algeria were looking for academic and neutral education and training and this is what they found in our study club.

ALD: What are your plans for the Algerian Study Club?

Dr. Al-Hage: Continuity and persistence. We are now working locally, it is a big country and we might need more months to cover it. We are looking later to be able to introduce ALD in the French-speaking countries, as we did in Algeria

ALD - Algeria
Dr. Mountaha Al Hage

Phone: +213 770 821 507 / +213 770 821 505
Email: aldalgerie@cliniquedentairekou
Facebook: Academy of Laser Dentistry Algeria



ALD Proudly welcomes four new ALD Affiliated Study Clubs!

We encourage you to join an ALD Affiliated Study Club in your country to continue your laser education. See the growing list of Affiliated Chapters and Study Clubs here. We welcome our newest affiliated study clubs in Austrailia, Indonesia, New Zealand and Turkey.

ALD - Australia
Dr. Jason Pang 
Cosmic Smile Laser Dental 
Suite 212/40 Yeo St.
Neutral Bay NSW 2089 

Phone: +61-2-9904 2880 

ALD - Indonesia
Dr. Tb. Iman Wahyu Kusumadirja, DDS, MM, CDIS
Mobile: +628170089980

HODCAA Dental Clinic
Blok BB Kav.26 Sektor 1.3, Griya Loka, BSD City, Serpong, Tangerang Selatan, Banten, Indonesia, 15310
Phone: +6281316708060
Fax: +625384210

ALD - New Zealand
Dr. Hisham Abdalla
Laser LifeCare Institute
32 Mahuhu Cres
Auckland 1010
New Zealand

Phone: +64 9-377 2012

ALD - Turkey
Nuran Culcuoglu, DDS
Erenkoy - Istanbul

Phone: 90-290-216-385-3979
Fax: 0216-3697388


ALD Webinar Series Coming in 2019 - Free CE for ALD Members 

Watch your email or Facebook next week for an announcement!

January 23, 2019 from 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm ET
Peri-implantitis: How to Treat with Light Energy

Dr. Ed Kusek

February 25, 2019 from 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm ET
Oral Medicaments are Synergistic to Laser Applications

Dr. Sam Low


ALD 2019 Call for Poster Presentations

A poster competition will take place at ALD 2019. The first prize winner will receive a free year of ALD membership and publication of presentation. Second prize is the publication of presentation.
Poster abstracts will be accepted through January 15, 2019.


ALD Speakers Bureau - Open Through December 15, 2018

ALD recently launched the ALD 2019 Speakers Bureau application period. The ALD Speakers Bureau is a referral list of ALD members who want to share their dental laser experiences and promote lasers, dental education and the Academy of Laser Dentistry mission, vision and goals. The application period is open through December 15, 2018.

Apply Now!



Maryia Aissi, VA
Funsho Akinluyi, VA
Ali Arifuddin, FL
Mary Bailey, KY
Pierre Bernier, Canada
Lesley Binkley, Jr, TN
Travis Bragg, IN
Lydia Brett, VA
Cecil Cain, AL
Tari Carson, TX
Andrea Casey, IN
Maritza Castro Penalosa, FL
Christina Ciano, NJ
Alison Coker, TN
Whitney Colonia, IN
Lauren Deiss, IL
Debbie Desravines, FL
Ashley Dinh, VA
Carrie Friend, IN
Neal Fujishige, NY
Melissa Giordano, IN
Zaneta Hamlin, VA
Chelsea Harmon, IN
Andrea Hart, TN
Jason Hobbs, GA
Kristen Hoffman, IN
Dane Hooser, VA
Lindsay Howard, MO
Shalin Jani, NJ
Diana Johnson, MO
Madison Jones, KS
Simran Kaur, VA
Liz Kellner, OK
Jaclyn Kelty, KY
Beata Kielur-Slota, Poland
Audrey King, MO
Marisa Koester, MO
Gerard Kugel, MA
Tiffany Laffler, MO
Brooke Long, IN
Lee Lourdes, FL
Ashley Lucente, VA
Jency Lynch, MA
Negar Mahmoudzadeh, VA
Christina Mazzone, NJ
Colleen Medeiros, MA
Sabrina Mills, IL
Russell Morrow, AZ
Aneta Olszewska, Poland
Kristin Orban, WI
Vashti Osborn, OK
Gauri Pande, VA
Jason Pang, Australia
Ashley Patnoe, WV
Scott Pearl, CT
Nathalie Phaeton, VA
Nicholas Pigneri, TX
Dalia Ponger, TX
Jolene Reiland, TX
Stuart Rooney, TX
Gail Russell, MO
Owais Shaikh, MA
Kelsey Shireman, IN
Amanda Smith, IL
Brian Song, IL
Dylan Tagg, FL
Brooke Teike, IN
Sara Thompson, IL
Manaz Tousi, VA
Michelle Vo, VA
Skylar Walker, OK
Lydia Washam, KS
Myranda Wolff, IL
Stephanie Woolsey, IL


Nick Clausen Nick Clausen
Chair, Manufacturers Advisory Council
ALD Advanced Proficiency Laser Safety

It may appear to be obvious that lasers can be potentially hazardous to our eyes since laser eye protection and laser signage is required.  But more specifically, you should know your specific Laser Safety Zones or Controlled Areas.  Here are some of the key terminology everyone should know:

Maximum Permissible Exposure (MPE)

The level of laser radiation to which an unprotected person may be exposed without adverse biological changes in the eye or skin.

Nominal Ocular Hazard Distance (NOHD)

The distance along the axis of the unobstructed beam from a laser, fiber end, or connector to the human eye beyond which the irradiance or radiant exposure does not exceed the applicable MPE.  Anyone within NOHD must wear protective eyewear.

Example of NOHD of SiroLaser Advance Plus 970 laser from DentsplySirona with NOHD of 1.5m

Nominal Hazard Zone  (NHZ)

The space within which the level of the direct, reflected or scattered radiation may exceed the applicable MPE. 

It should be noted that all lasers do NOT have the same NOHD, even if they are identical wavelengths and some lasers have dual wavelengths with different NOHD.  In addition, some lasers have different handpieces for the same wavelengths that may have different NOHD distances (see Fotona Lightwalker Example below). 

Example of NOHD taken from Fotona Lightwalker Operating Manual,
Model: M021-5AF/1, M021-5AF/2, M002-6A/2, 90239 USA ENG/16, page 14.

The Laser Safety Officer is responsible for making sure these are all clearly noted and know by the entire team and communicated to all in the office to make sure all are safe.


What area of lasers do you want more information on?

  • Photobiomodulation
  • Periodontal therapy and lasers


Take the poll on the ALD Facebook page!

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