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Mel Burchman, DDS, MALD
ALD 2018 President-Elect and Chairman 2019 Conference Committee

Hello to All of my ALD friends!

Hope you are all having a wonderful summer. While you are enjoying the summer, your 2019 Conference Committee is working at breakneck speed to put together the absolute best laser conference possible. We are changing the format this year and I know once you see the schedule you will love it. Registration has opened here.

In making sure that our members receive the latest knowledge on the hottest topics in dentistry, our theme for this year’s conference is, The Laser Systemic Connection, Lighting the way towards a healthier mouth and body. We, as dentists, have always recognized the important relationship between oral health and overall health; it is great that the medical profession is finally beginning to realize this. Our keynote speaker is Dr. Charles Whitney, MD.  Dr. Whitney is the nation’s leading physician advocate for bridging the oral-systemic gap via closer collaboration between physicians and dentists. He specializes in heart attack and stroke prevention. He has experienced the benefits of laser dentistry on his own patients.

2019 Dallas will be the 21st ALD conference that I will have attended. Besides getting to spend time with all of my ALD buddies, the reason I keep coming back is I always learn something new that I can bring back to my office. I have always said that if I didn’t learn as much as I did at the first conference I probably wouldn’t have come back. But I did and here I am. I would never have become the laser dentist that I am without the ALD.

There’s a saying, “…make sure that you become all that you can be”. Wait a minute, isn’t that an old US Army ad campaign? Okay then, let’s use that and change it slighty to, “make sure you become the best laser practitioners you can be”!  ALD makes that possible. This year’s Dallas conference is loaded with hands-on workshops by the many of the best laser educators in the world. Dr. John Graeber will lead two diode laser workshops. Dr. Sam Low will lead a workshop on advanced periodontal procedures. Dr. Larry Kotlow will lead a lactation workshop and also one on periodontics. At his workshop Dr. Ed Kusek will inform us on the latest techniques for lasers in implantology and peri-implantitis. Dr. Larry Lieberman will host a workshop on Facial Aesthetics. Our world-class team of hygienists, who in my opinion are the best in the world, will teach both beginner and advanced hygiene workshops including a section on how to treat around implants. What could be more relevant than that? Dr.s  Gerry Ross,  Arun Darbar and myself will lead a Photobiomodulation workshop. For those of you from Texas, we will showcase our entirely new education program that fulfills all of your state’s requirements for laser certification for hygienists and dentists.

Remember, You Can’t Win If You Don’t Play! Come play with us in Dallas, April 4-6, 2019. Be There or Be Square. Learn and Lead Lasers with ALD in Dallas.

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Upcoming events and CE opportunities

ALD 2018 Annual Conference - Registration open now!

Unlike other laser symposiums that were founded by a single laser manufacturer, the Academy of Laser Dentistry is providing unbiased CE-accredited hands-on training during ALD 2019 - the event known throughout the world as Dentistry’s Laser Meeting.

  • 10 Workshops utilizing many different lasers
  • Learn how dentistry connects to medicine - The Laser Systemic Connection
  • Laser Certification - independent of any single laser company
  • Over a quarter of a century of light utilization in oral health care
  • Unlike other laser symposiums that are founded by a single laser manufacturer


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ALD AND BAIRD International Conference - Registration ends June 30

ALD and British Academy of Implant and Restorative Dentistry (BAIRD) have partnered to bring together International Conference (iLED) to be held in InterContinental Dubai Festival City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, from Oct. 5–6. The conference will focus on the latest innovations and techniques in implant, laser, aesthetic and digital dentistry.

Early registration provides the greatest value for attending this world-renowned dental conference,” said ALD president Dr. Raminta Mastis. "No matter where in the world you practice dentistry, iLED 2018 is the premier forum to refresh your knowledge base by explaining and demonstrating the latest innovations in dentistry which will in turn help you deliver outstanding patient outcomes in your day-to-day practice.

In keeping with this year’s theme of “Imagination, Innovation and Illumination,” the iLED’s scientific committee has prepared a curriculum of sessions and workshops with international key opinion leaders that will cover four pillars of modern dentistry: implants, lasers, restorative and digital technology. There will also be many opportunities to network with thought leaders, clinical peers and manufacturer representatives from across the globe.

For more information, including early registration, visit

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Five Travel Tips for Your Trip to Dubai
Jeanette Miranda, RDH

Dhow boat

Congratulations on your decision to travel to Dubai for the iLED 2018 International Conference in October! Festival City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates will host the three-day conference focusing on implants, lasers, aesthetic and digital dentistry. While you are at the conference, take advantage of Dubai’s rich cultural scene. Enjoy the magnificent skyline of Dubai from a traditional Dhow boat on the scenic Dubai Creek. Fabyland is a futuristic family-oriented facility filled with rides, games and a multitude of adventure. Dubai has eight other amusement parks for the fun-loving laser user. There are light shows, firework displays and shopping ‘til you drop! For the visitors wanting something a little more on the wild side, consider an excursion into the desert.

5 travel tips to make your international travel easy and seamless:

Check your passport’s expiration date.
The electric voltage is 220V AC. British-style three-pin wall sockets are standard, although some can also accommodate two-pin plugs.
Download What’s App, a WiFi phone app to make communication easier when checking in at home.
English is the primary language in Dubai, this makes navigating throughout Dubai easy for ALD’s English speaking members!
Currency in Dubai is the United Arab Emirates Dirham.  You may use your credit/debit cards for most purchases, but it’s recommended to have some Dirham for taxi rides, small shops, and small purchases.


Find more CE opportunities on the ALD CE Calendar.

The latest articles on trends in laser use and laser technology

How Do Lasers Reduce Pain and What Amount of Treatment is Necessary?
by Scott Benjamin, DDS, Arun Darbar, BDS, Praveen Arany, DDS, PhD

Scott D. Benjamin, DDS: As a clinical practitioner, managing the patient's discomfort both during and after procedures is a primary concern. The utilization of hard- and soft-tissue lasers has greatly reduced the need for local anesthesia and the collateral trauma to the remaining tissue. For many procedures, lasers have minimized the related discomfort that patients have experienced in the past. However, the pain is not always completely eliminated, especially during the postoperative period after surgical and endodontic procedures have been performed. 

Read the full article which was originally published in July 2018 on the Inside Dentistry website.

ALD members in the news

Congratulations to ALD member, Dr. Michael R. Hamblin,  PhD, who has joined the Photobiomodulaiton, Photomedicine, and Laser Surgery publication as the Editor-in-Chief starting in August 2018.

Read the full announcement here.


We solemnly share that Dr. Michael D. Swick unexpectedly passed away on July 6. Dr. Swick was active in the laser community as a laser educator, ALD Board member, committee chair and all around strong contributor to educating the profession about lasers in dentistry. He will be deeply missed. ALD extends condolences to his family and loved ones.

Click here for his obituary.



Wallace Carrillo-Medina, North Carolina
Catherine McKinley, Ireland
Cristian Parascan, Canada
Yasmin Alayyoubi, Massachusetts
Hanadi Alwafi Massachusetts
Kaitlyn Katherman, Pennsylvania
Pablo Velastegui, Connecticut
Nadia Afzal, Pennsylvania
Harry Koutroulakis, South Carolina
Lidia Baldassarra, Canada
Christina Goodall, North Carolina
George Clark, New York
Mahmoud Abuzainah, Qatar
Aatif Ansari, Maine
Sarah Mancuso, Canada
Maher Azzawi, California
Ammar Pabaney, New Hampshire



Apply for the 2019 Seidner Student Scholarship Program
The application period for the Dr. Eugene M. Seidner Student Scholarship Program is now open!

Apply here for the Seidner Scholarship Program.

Named in the memory of Dr. Seidner, a laser dentistry pioneer who also served as ALD president 1996-1997, three recipients will be honored during the ALD’s 26th Anniversary Conference & Exhibition, April 4-6th at the Hilton Anatole in Dallas, Texas.

The program encourages undergraduate and graduate dental students in the different dental disciplines to deepen their knowledge of laser dentistry. It provides financial assistance that enables successful applicants to present their work at the Academy's annual conference. What’s more, the program allows participation in the educational lectures and workshops aimed at advancing the correct and safe use of lasers in dentistry. In addition, A special award for pediatric dentistry is also available to pediatric dental students.

The Seidner Student Scholarship includes the following:

  • One year of ALD membership, conference registration fees,
  • Standard Proficiency Dental Laser Certification Course application fees,
  • Round trip coach air transportation for the applicant,
  • Up to 5 hotel nights in the host hotel and meals already included in regular conference registration. (Meals not scheduled within the conference program are not included.)

Upon successful presentation, an award in the form of a framed certificate for participation will be presented to all Scholarship recipients. A cash award for first ($500), second ($250) and third ($100) may be presented to the top 3 recipients. Presentations are graded by members of the ALD University and Academia Relations and Student Scholarship committees.

Completed applications and abstracts must be received by ALD by the end October 31st, 2018 for consideration for the 2019 annual conference.

Apply here for the Seidner Scholarship Program.


Jeanette Miranda, BSDH, RDH
ALD Communications Chair

It's hard to believe summer is almost over. School supplies are already in the stores reminding students their freedom is short lived. Hopefully, these advertisements will remind you to take a moment to “learn” what is happening with ALD! This month’s issue has several worthwhile laser “lessons”.  Dr Mel Burchman, our President-elect, shares information about the Annual Conference which will be held in Dallas, Texas in April 2019. Our Knowledge Hub column features Dr. Scott Benjamin’s article. Check out the ALD Community news with a list of ALD’s new members, an announcement about Michael Hamblin’s new position and the sad news of Dr. Michael Swick’s passing. If you plan on attending ALD’s October meeting in Dubai, there is registration information and a few international travel tips to make your excursion easier. This issue’s Laser Safety Tip focuses on the correct use of signage while using lasers in the operatory.

Enjoy the remaining days of summer and we encourage you to consider contributing to Lightwaves. Please send comments or suggestions to

Essential laser safety tips from the ALD Do-It-Yourself Safety Guide

Appropriate signage must be displayed outside of operatories when using Class 4 lasers. “High-powered lasers (visible or invisible spectrum) present a potential acute hazard to the eye and skin for both direct exposure and for exposure to diffuse (scatter) reflections. Class 4 lasers also present a potential hazard for fire (ignition) and by-product emissions (laser plume). Example: Surgical lasers.” (“Laser Safety Manual: A Simple Guide to Establishing a Laser Safety Office Policy,” page 8). Signage should only be displayed while a laser is in use and should not be a permanent fixture on the office walls. One example of proper signage use is to have the warning signs on a string and flip the sign over when the laser is not in use. Remember, if there are multiple wavelengths being used in the same operatory, multiple signs must also be displayed.

Laser Safety Class 4 Warning Sign

(Laser Safety Manual: A Simple Guide to Establishing a Laser Safety Office Policy, page 19). For more laser safety information, please read the ALD Do-It-Yourself Laser Safety Manual only to ALD members here.


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