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ALD 2020 Cancellation - COVID-19 (Coronavirus)
2020 Speakers have an opportunity to present in 2021 in Alexandria, VA April 8-10. Stand by for more information as we re-organize and get ready to plan 2021. Be safe and stay healthy.


Welcome to the ALD Speaker page. This page provides the information and resources you need to prepare for your presentation at the 2020 ALD Conference.

Important Dates to Remember

September 15, 2019 Signed Speaker Packet Due
November 15, 2019 Workshop Speakers: Materials request due
November 15, 2019 Presentation A/V Requirements Due
December 1, 2019 Early registration deadline
March 1, 2020 Hotel reservations deadline
March 13, 2020 Session Handouts Due. Submit in pdf format here.


Document Downloads

Documents subject to updates.



Speaker Toolkit

This toolkit is intended to assist in your final presentation preparations. Please refer to it as needed. Contact our office if you have any questions.

Biography and Disclosure Slides

Within 30 days of the meeting, speakers will receive a personalized bio and disclosure slide set. Place the Biography & Disclosure Slides at the beginning of your presentation. If using a Mac, go to PowerPoint, go to “open as” and choose Keynote; it will create a Keynote automatically.

NOTE: ALD may have taken editorial liberties to alter your title, biography or disclosure statement.

Your Speaking Time

Your original time (duration) may have changed. Please locate your presentation on the full schedule that will be available online after October 1. If you have any questions relative to your assigned date/time, please contact Fern Carbonell at The parallel sessions with multiple speakers are designed in a specific sequence. Moderators and Hosts will facilitate your presentation, to keep you on time, and engage attendees in a discussion. Review the Speaker Guidelines for the recommended number of slides for timed presentations to avoid having too many slides for your allotted time.

NOTE: In preparation for the onsite program electronic PDF proceedings book, ALD may have taken editorial liberties to alter your submission for printed publication. When published, the online information contained within the links may be your original submission in most cases; ALD may have also edited the submission for the onsite program.


Please submit send your handouts here. Handouts will be available for download by attendees from March 14 - May 31, 2020.


Please contact the Academy of Laser Dentistry with any questions or concerns as soon as possible. You may reach Fern Carbonell at or Gail Siminovsky at or by phone 954-346-3776.



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