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2020 ALD Call for Abstracts

The 27th Annual Conference of the Academy of Laser Dentistry, is April 2-4, 2020 at Paradise Point Island Resort in San Diego, CA.  The conference theme is The Future is NOW: Integrating Technology into Your Practice.

The submission period has ended. We look forward to seeing you in San Diego, CA!



The Academy of Laser Dentistry (ALD) invites researchers, academicians, dentists and dental professionals from around the world to submit abstracts for presentation at the 2020 Annual Conference in San Diego, CA, USA. The theme is The Future is NOW: Integrating Technology into Your Practice. The meeting will feature a wide range of captivating lectures, discussions, hands-on participation and networking opportunities with experts, researchers, and up-and-coming leaders in the field of lasers in dentistry. Find detailed information here.

Topics may be presented in the following options: 

  • Lecture & discussion – Clinical Applications
  • Lecture & Discussion – Scientific Research
  • Participation Workshops – 3 hours including 30-45 minutes of lecture
  • Poster presentations – 10-minute presentations by electronic poster and physical poster display onsite.

The ALD welcomes topics on:

  • The Healing Power of PBM / Pain Relief Without Opioids
  • The Benefits of Digital Technology & The Digital Workflow
    • CBCT (Cone Beam) Radiology
    • Digital Imaging
    • CAD/CAM 
    • In-House Restoration Milling
  • Pediatric Dentistry and Tethered Oral Tissues (TOTs )
  • Laser-Powered Hygiene 
  • Peri-implantitis: Past, Present and Future Treatments
  • The Business of Dentistry:
    • Achieving Maximum ROI for Your Laser Investment
    • Accurate Insurance Coding / Coding for Medical Necessity
    • Practice Marketing & Social Media
    • Clinical Photography for Case Acceptance and Insurance Documentation
  • Using Lasers to Treat Medically-Compromised and Geriatric Patients
  • The Next Generation: 10-Minute Poster Presentation for Students 
  • Lectures, Discussion Sessions & Workshops on Bleaching, Photography, Endo, Diode lasers for Hygiene, Diode lasers for dentists, Laser specific device Hands-on courses

This is an opportunity to share your research, knowledge and best practices with international colleagues passionate about the use of lasers in all areas of dentistry - lighting the way towards a healthier mouth and body.

The 2020 submission period will open from
May 1, 2019 - June 10, 2019

Instructions for Submitting an Abstract - Click here

The completed abstracts must be received by June 10, 2019. You will be able to add or make necessary changes to your submission but we must receive your abstract no later than June 10, 2019.

Submissions will not be accepted after the deadline of June 10, 2019Selected speakers are encouraged to use the information on this site concerning ALD's speaker policies and procedures. 

Acceptance Notification will be sent in late July.

Documents Available for Downloading

Quick Link to International Visa Invitation Letters

Submission Process for the 2020 ALD Conference

If you are interested in submitting an abstract for presenting at the ALD's Conference, please read and follow the guidelines below. At any time you may contact the General & Scientific Sessions Chairman by sending an email to

Requirements for Abstract and/or Course Description Submission

General Guidelines

The focus of the Academy Laser Dentistry's Annual Conference is to share knowledge and educate the attendees and members of the Academy of Laser Dentistry (ALD) on the science, research, and utilization of lasers and related light-based technologies in the field of dentistry.

Author Guidelines
An individual may submit more than one abstract and may appear as a co-author on other abstracts. The primary author must have the consent of all co-authors listed on the abstract or course description prior to submission. At least one of the authors must attend the conference to present the material. Material that has been previously presented will be considered but must be current and relevant to the conference.

All authors, presenters, and moderators must review and consent to the Academy of Laser Dentistry's Policy and Guidelines for Commercial Support and Potential Conflict of Interest. Having dual commitments and /or a potential for a conflict of interest does not preclude a person from presenting at the conference, however, it must be fully disclosed to the Academy of Laser Dentistry and the attendees to the conference. Failure to disclose will be determined to be a violation of ALD's Principles of Ethics and Code of Professional Conduct. Penalties for failure to disclose will be considered at the discretion of the ALD. Abstracts must be presented with no bias toward or against specific companies.

The Academy Laser Dentistry does not award honoraria or travel/lodging per diems to its members or to the presenters submitting abstracts or course descriptions. All presenters are required to register for the conference at applicable fees. Members in good standing of the ALD who reside outside North America and are unable to attend the conference may submit an abstract for consideration in the poster presentation category, however, this requires that the author have a proxy present the poster for him/her. The proxy should be an ALD member attending that is extremely familiar with the project and its outcomes.

Submittal Procedures
After reviewing and understanding the information provided and downloading the appropriate Guidelines the author(s) must complete the online submission process.

English is the official language of the Academy of Laser Dentistry and all documents and presentations must be completed in English.

For the convenience of submitters the online submission process allows:

  • Authors to type or paste their abstracts directly into a text box or boxes on the submission form
  • The form will accept plain text with styling (bold and italic), superscripts, subscripts, bulleted and numbered lists and symbols. No tables, diagrams, or photographs are allowed for the submission. Upon acceptance, authors will be able to provide additional text, tables or diagrams for publication in the onsite program.
  • Please check spelling and grammar prior to submission.

Amending a Submission
An abstract or course description may be amended at any time prior to the submission deadline by revisiting your submission online and making the necessary changes. If your abstract summary is selected for presentation, you will be able to add additional data later for the conference program. It is important that your submission be as thorough and complete as possible to allow for proper consideration for presentation.  Authors of selected scientific research studies will have an opportunity to add results and conclusions for inclusion in the conference program, but all submissions should be as complete as possible by the submission date in order to be considered for presentation. 

Presentation Guidelines

General Guidelines for Oral Presentations
A single LCD projector will be provided, front projection with screen format 16 feet x 9 feet in the general session room and screen format 4 feet x 3 feet in the breakout rooms. The microphone must be used as the presentation may be video recorded; if any additional audio-visual requirements are needed for your presentation you must notify ALD 6 weeks prior to the conference. Each oral presentation will usually be followed by a short question-and-answer period. A panel discussion may follow each oral presentation module. Due to time constraints, it may be necessary to ask authors to alter their presentation or to convert it into a poster presentation. The authors will be notified and asked to consider this change if necessary.

The Academy reserves the right to edit all abstracts, course descriptions and summaries, biographies and other program information. When substantial changes are made, authors will be given the ability to accept any of these changes or to withdraw their submittal. Preference may be given to presentations with information that has not been presented at previous ALD conferences.

Clinical Case Presentations
Clinical Case Presentations can be either an oral lecture presentation or poster presentation. Oral presentations should be as concise as possible to properly present the clinical case in sufficient detail. Generally, this can be accomplished in approximately 15 minutes. Clinical case studies should follow the format of the "Clinical Case Presentation Sample Guidelines."

Scientific Research Presentation Guidelines

Introduction State the objective and the current state of knowledge related to the topic, as well as the reasons for investigating it.
Materials and Methods Present detail sufficient for the reader to repeat the investigation, including the measurements and the investigational strategy and design. Specify model/product name and manufacturer for all devices and products used.
Results Present the results of the experiments in an order designed to convince the reader of the truth of the paper's conclusions. Reliable observations combined with valid logic result in a sound conclusion. Note that submission of results is required.  Statements such as "results will be discussed" are not acceptable.
State logical arguments that link the data in the results section as well as the work of other investigators to the conclusions. Reliable observations combined with valid logic result in a sound conclusion.

Discussion and Interactive Forums
Concepts for forums must include a detailed description of the focus and expected attendees (e.g., dentists, administrative staff, diode laser users, etc.)

Participation Hands-On Courses and Lectures
The course description must include sufficient detail to warrant presentation time. A list of required materials and devices and who is responsible for providing them must be included in the submission.  Participation courses will be of sufficient hours duration to allow participants ample time to learn a new technique.

Poster Presentations
To download the complete guidelines and recommendations for a Poster Presentation, click here. The ALD may continue offering Poster Presentations as demand requires.

A poster presentation is a self-contained bulletin board organized in such a way that research data, clinical case studies, or procedural techniques can be displayed while standing by itself. It allows attendees to view and more closely study the information presented throughout the entire conference. It also allows the authors to personally interact with the attendees interested in the topic on a casual basis. A poster should be able to stimulate ongoing discussions between the attendees even when the authors are not present. The ALD's Guidelines for Poster Presentations provides detailed advice.  

It is planned that the posters will be on display throughout the entire conference (Thursday to Saturday at 1:30 pm). The goal is to present relevant information that is of a technical or clinical nature displayed graphically, giving the reader your objectives, methods, materials, results, discussions, and conclusions. The author's role during the assigned oral presentation time is to summarize the key points for subsequent discussion. Please use the guidelines when preparing a poster presentation for the Academy of Laser Dentistry conference.  Poster Presentations will be displayed both physically and electronically through the online program planner.

Acceptance Notification Date: July 15, 2019
Notifications of acceptance and non-acceptance will be sent by July 15, 2019 by E-MAIL ONLY. Notices will indicate either acceptance (mode, time, date) or rejection.

Audio/Visual Capabilities & Mandatory Speaker Meetings
Use of an LCD projector is required for all general & scientific session presentations, front projection with screen format 16 feet x 9 feet in the general sessions and 4 feet x 3 feet in breakout rooms. Speakers are required to test the compatibility of their presentation with the equipment provided (software, projector, sound system, etc) upon arrival by visiting the Speaker Ready Lounge. This is to ensure that the program will run smoothly and that the speaker is familiar with the environment and flow of the entire module. Whenever possible the presenter is encouraged to load the presentation onto a master computer for ease of use during the sessions. Speakers will be asked to submit their presentations prior to arriving in San Diego. 

Special Requests
If you have any special requests (e.g., religious, academic, or personal concerns or conflicts) please enter this information in the "Comments to Review Committee" box when entering your abstract.

Abstracts Selection Criteria
Presentations will be selected for the program on the basis of the scientific quality, clinical excellence of the work, practical relevance in providing solutions to current issues, and suitability for inclusion in the program, as judged from the submission. An impartial panel of reviewers will evaluate the content of each abstract and course description. Selection of the presentations to be presented will be made by this panel.

Since the abstracts are published and become part of the world's scientific literature, it is important that the content be scientifically sound and grammatically correct. Each abstract is reviewed so that high standards can be ensured.

Invitation Letters
If an official invitation is necessary for you to obtain a visa or any other reason to attend the meeting, indicate "Required" under the "Official Letter of Invitation" section.

PLEASE NOTE: Invitation letters will not be processed until you have registered and paid for the meeting. If the attendee is unable to obtain a visa, the full registration fee will be refunded when a copy of the visa rejection is received by the ALD Central Office.

Withdrawing an Abstract or Course Description Submission
Requests to withdraw papers must be made in writing (e-mail) by the presenter (requests from anyone other than the presenter will not be honored) and submitted to the ALD central office to by November 15, 2019. After the Proceedings Book is designed (February 1), the paper may not be withdrawn. However, if, after this date, the speaker finds it impossible to give the presentation, the speaker must send written (e-mail) notification with an explanation and the name of a substitute presenter.

If you want to withdraw an abstract/summary please contact the conference administrator at the Academy's central office by e-mail at Please enter the phrase "Withdrawing Abstract" in the subject line.

An Overview of the Operating Principles Governing Disclosure of Dual Commitments and Potential Conflict of Interest
To download the complete guidelines click here.

  • Dual commitments governed by the Academy of Laser Dentistry's Conflict of Interest and Disclosure Policy include but are not limited to:
    • Consultancies (paid or unpaid)
    • Ownership of companies, stock options, stock ownership, equity
    • Current or pending ownership of patents, patent licensing agreements, royalties, copyrights
    • Financial interest (honoraria for lectures or other teaching activities, stipends)
    • Special customer preferences (material donations, clinical materials, special discounts, special gifts)
    • Governance (corporate responsibility, corporate allegiances such as service on governing boards)
    • Research contracts, grants, or other support for investigation
    • Paid expert testimony
    • By virtue of present or past employment of immediate family or relatives.
  • Academy of Laser Dentistry requires disclosure of dual commitments. In determining the significance and extent of a dual commitment, ALD considers the following:
    • Scope of the commitment or relationship
    • Frequency and timing – whether past, recent, occasional, or long-standing
    • Number – a single, exclusive relationship vs. multiple, competing relationships.

Author(s) Consent
By submitting this abstract and /or course description, the author is stating that he or she has read and agreed to the requirements set forth in the "Guidelines for Selected Speakers" on the Academy of Laser Dentistry's Web site. With this submission, the author is committing in good faith his or her willingness and ability to speak during the assigned time. Selected speakers may be required to sign an additional copyright release document for publication in the Conference Program. If the abstract and/or course description is accepted, the author must agree to register for the conference no later than November 1 to take advantage of the lowest possible registration fees and understands that no honoraria or travel/lodging per diems will be provided by the Academy of Laser Dentistry. Should the presenter fail to register by February 1 (the Proceedings Book date) the abstract and presentation will not be included in the program.

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